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Every fall, triathetes from every part of the world gather to participate in the Ironman Triathlon in Cozumel

August, 2019

One of the most challenging and beautiful courses on the circuit. They immerse themselves in everything the island has to offer, from crystalline waters to a unique culture, and come out with rave reviews of both the Ironman race and the island.

Those visiting Cozumel during the Ironman 70.3 race on September 29, or the full Mazda Ironman Cozumel event on November 24, will want to listen to what these supreme athletes have to say about the island and, of course, Cozumel Palace.

For starters, Ironman Cozumel athletes have clearly spoken about the stature the race has built within their ranks. The event took home four Ironman Athlete’s Choice Awards from the 2017 event, including Best Host City Experience, Best Overall Swim, Best Overall Bike and the Will Recommend to a Friend award.

Individual Ironmen and Ironwomen are even more complimentary of the event which celebrated its 10-year anniversary last year.

Recover after the Ironman Triathlon in Cozumel with Palace Resorts

A previous competitor of Ironman Cozumel races mentioned the event as being his favorite because it combines the physical beauty of the island paradise with its challenging road courses.
“The starting point at Chankanaab Park might be the best swimming course in the world. The water visibility is very clear and there are almost never waves so you can swim fast,” he said.

He went on to mention that beyond the beauty and challenge of the Ironman Triathlon, the island races represent a perfect opportunity to piggyback a post-race vacation to help relax and enjoy the total experience. He commented that many Ironmen take the opportunity to book stays at all-inclusive family resorts such as Cozumel Palace to make the most of their trip.

“You can arrive on Cozumel island a couple of days before your race, train without interruption, complete your race, and then spend a couple of days relaxing with all Cozumel has to offer afterwards.”

San Francisco web developer Lynne Tye and her boyfriend took advantage of all the fun things to do in Cozumel and did exactly that in their first Ironman competition. She wrote about the experience in her blog.

“We stayed at Cozumel Palace… and I loved it (t)here. It is literally across the street from the Convention Center, and a block or two from the finish line. The food is great, the staff is incredible, and you can get room service at 5 a.m. before the restaurants open. It’s perfect.”

Cozumel Palace knows that even Ironmen and Ironwomen need pampering, not to mention their loving supporters. Guests can rest easy in gorgeous suites overlooking pristine Caribbean waters, while they enjoy delicious meals at any of the several restaurants at the resort. The perfect excuse for a family vacation in Cozumel.

Athlete swimming during the Ironman Triathlon in Cozumel

After a day of enduring the elements in Cozumel, guests can treat sore, exhausted muscles to a deep-tissue massage at Cozumel Palace Awe Spa.

Here is the sporting events schedule for this fall in Cozumel:

  1. Ironman 70.3 – September 29, 2019: Since 2009, Cozumel has been one of Ironman’s top destinations, seducing athletes of all nationalities with its beautiful beaches and more than 22km of reefs.
  2. Triathlon Cozumel - October 5, 2019: Triathletes of different ages and categories get to swim-bike-run over a range of distances. What’s more, the 3Kids competition gives youngsters the opportunity to take part in one the best sporting activities for kids on the island.
  3. GFNY – November 10, 2019: This is one of the most important biking events in Mexico. With a 32km course, cyclists get to enjoy stunning views of the island. Start this adventure and finish it in New York, where this cycling marathon series ends.
  4. Ironman – November 24, 2019: Cozumel will host this world-class competition which features a swimming stage surrounded by the tropical underwater life of the world’s second largest reef. Later on, athletes will get to grips with a demanding 180km bike ride and then be cheered on as they run all 42km to the finish line, by locals and tourists alike.


Enjoy the second largest reef in the world when you stay at Cozumel Palace, the best all-inclusive family resort.




Jack W
Jack W

Great Place to Stay, Highly Recommended

Considering the restriction, this was still an incredible place to stay. I felt safer with their safety precautions than I do at home. Kids still had a great time!

Cindy T
Cindy T
Vancouver, Canadá

Cozumel Palace goes above and beyond

This was my first trip to Cozumel Palace since the covid pandemic. I was very impressed with the steps they are taking to keep guests safe, while still providing the excellent service I have come to expect from Cozumel Palace. Staff was so attentive and the food was excellent as always.

Dallas, Texas

Another fantastic trip to Cozumel Palace

We just returned from our second stay at Cozumel Palace and already trying to figure out when we will go back. This is an amazing place to rest and relax. The staff are genuinely kind and so very awesome. The rooms are great, with beautiful views.